Sisa &Co. Business Bucket List

1) Wake up and get the day started early

How to make it happen:

  • Put alarm clock across the room (forcing us out of bed)
  • Plan an exciting breakfast
  • Put phone away and read a book
  • Schedule more important plans first thing in the morning

Why is this on the list?

Getting our day started early helps us get ahead on pretty much everything! We will find ourselves getting more done than before and maybe even finishing our days earlier. Ultimately we will be more satisfied with how we spent our day and will feel more fulfilled.

2) Work fast and more efficiently

How to make it happen:

  • Keep desk clear, no distractions
  • Have the lights bright
  • Play background music
  • Try keeping a one track mind by working on one thing at a time

Why is this on the list?

We find ourselves getting distracted really easily and this makes sometimes the easiest tasks take significantly longer than they really should. Working faster and more efficiently simply means that we have become better at concentrating on the tasks we have at hand and will help us get things done sooner rather than later. Getting small tasks done and out of the way quickly will help us get to the much larger and more important things. This is because we can stick to just doing that task instead of concerning ourselves with smaller less important tasks that still need to get done, in turn helping us be more efficient.

3) Give ourselves goals and do everything in our power to reach them

How to make it happen:

  • Come up with a goal:
    1. Take a look at last year’s numbers
    2. Give ourselves a goal that will beat last year’s number but that we think is achievable based on the information we have put together
    3. Now come up with a goal that you might think is “unachievable” but is still in itself realistic
  • Research! I cannot stress enough how important it is to research and be educated in what it is you are trying to achieve. “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 hours sharpening my Axe.” –Abraham Lincoln

Why is this on the list?

By creating goals for ourselves we have a more direct vision. Goals help you move forward, and by moving forward we can gradually begin to attain goals that once seemed insurmountable. They help us believe in ourselves, and by creating two goals as I stated above we have a guideline. My ‘achievable’ goal is my baseline, when we hit it it’s because we knew all along that we would, and by creating a goal we believe might be unattainable it helps us to work even harder and hopefully surpass our baseline.

Also, goals hold us accountable for failure, as well as show us what it is that we truly want.

4) Find new ways to get our product noticed

How to make this happen?

  • Research, look into different celebrities that we believe would be a great face to our products
  • Approach boutiques and shops and discuss having them sell our line
  • Make contact with more than one person, the more options the better
  • Host a giveaway through social media

Why is this on the list?

We feel that by looking into other avenues of advertisement and promotion we not only will create more revenue but also brand recognition.

5) Pay it Forward

How to make this happen:

  • This is easy, just make it happen!

Why is this on the list?

We would be lying if we said we have done all of this without any help. If it wasn’t for friends, family, and business relationships this company may never have gone this far. We mean this in every possible way, having support from loved ones and even complete strangers is in the very least motivating. We know how hard it can be to pursue a dream, and we hope to be able to help others in the same way others have helped us.

Now keep in mind that creating lists like this one here and putting them out in the world is basically our way of promising ourselves that we are going to continue being dedicated and working towards a common purpose, no matter what is thrown at us.


Our first experience networking for our brand was at the Hip Haus on April 15, of this year. It was an experience to say the least. We are being honest with you when we tell you that we had never been to a networking event in the past. Neither of us quite knew what to expect, all we knew for sure was that we were excited to meet new like minded individuals. 

At first glance it was slightly intimidating, but before we knew it we were right in our element. The experience felt more like making friends than it did a business meeting. People that were complete strangers not moments earlier were now directing us to others whom they believed would be of some assistance to us. 

We were lucky to meet people who could potentially help us build our brand, and possible future potential business relationships, and it also turned out to be a lot of fun.

It was truly refreshing to watch as strangers showed genuine interest in the lives of other strangers. 

We’d like to thank The Hip Haus for putting this together; we will see you again soon!